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Ivy Studio

I have always viewed Ivy as one of the most beautiful plants. There is so much strength behind its vines, so much motivation to grow.


Did you know that Ivy grows in the sun and the shade and in any soil?

To dreamers like us, that's inspiring.


I wanted to create a business that nurtured growth in all conditions, that inspired others to prosper even if it felt like the world was against them. 

Ivy Studio aims to give you the tools to grow and stay true to your most authentic self. We aim to help you discover your true potential and to help you live the life you want.

My love for animals

Things that make
me who I am...

My dyed hair

How I can lose myself in a book

The love I have for Autumn

I started my journey freelancing alongside college assignments trying to figure out where I was going in my career. It wasn't long after that, I fell in love with creating meaningful work for individuals and brands. I knew that one day I wanted to make this my full time career. Here I am so many years later, in my dream position, running a business that created impactful branding for you. 

At Ivy Studio, we are passionate about creating meaningful designs for individuals and brands. We understand how important it is to have a strong visual identity and that’s why we take the time to really get to know our clients and their businesses in order to craft the best designs for them.


We are invested in every project and pride ourselves in creating unique and innovative designs that capture the essence of our clients. We believe that design is more than just visuals – it’s about creating something that will leave a lasting impression.

Tell me more about you...

Book a call & Let us tell you how we can help!

Our customised approach to building you your dream brand that aligns with your values is what allows you to unlock your brand's true potential. Our aim is to help you on your journey to grow and succeed in your business. 

We want to help you reignite your confidence in your brand so you are able to attract your ideal customers and reach your business goals.


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